Sophie for Coveteur
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Sophie for Coveteur

“I’m excited to be something more than just an actress.”

When our photographer asks Sophie Turner to sit comfortably on a long, white couch, the actress can hardly contain herself. She jokingly places one foot on the cushion in front of her and lunges forward, glancing back at the camera as if to say, “Does this work?” In response to our laughs, she plops down facing us and sits with her legs spread wide—one more silly suggestion before getting serious.

It’s nice to see this side of Turner, who is promoting Wella hair care (namely her favorites, Wella’s WellaPlex, an in-salon color treatment, and FusionPlex, the at-home care system). Her show Game of Thrones isn’t exactly a comedy, and while I’ve never assumed that Sophie and her character, Sansa, were alike—being all serious and ruler-y and sometimes a little murderous—the contrast between the two is surprising. Seeing Turner in person makes me wonder about her day-to-day: Is she this sarcastic and funny all the time? Is that why she and Joe Jonas make such a great couple? What about her friendship with Maisie Williams? Does Williams act like this, too?

But before I can ask personal questions, I remind myself that we’re here to talk about hair—and the actress’s is of course sleek and shiny and catching the perfect amount of sunlight.

“We did it over three different dyes to ensure that it was in perfect condition,” she tells me, after I ask how long it took to get to this shade. “But to be honest, with WellaPlex, even with one dye it would still be in perfect condition. Going from red to blonde is one of the hardest dye jobs to do. WellaPlex balances the effects that a normal dye would have on your hair and completely heals it.”

Now no drastic hair change is off-limits.

“I’d probably go multi-colored next. When I finish Game of Thrones, I’m going crazy.”

That’s when my stomach drops. I don’t want to think about the hit HBO show ending or saying goodbye to characters I love. There’s still so much that can happen in the eighth and final season. What will I watch on Sundays?!

There are moments it doesn’t seem final,” Turner admits, talking about the eighth and final season. “I had my final costume fitting the other day, and I was like, ‘Bye, guys.’ And they were like, ‘Wait! We might never see you again!’ After ten years, for someone to be like, ‘Hey, we probably won’t see you again,’ it’s really bizarre.”

“And sad?” I wonder out loud, thinking about all the jobs I’ve left in my own life.

“I think right now, we have a few months, so a lot of us are getting up in the fact that it’s another day, another day, another day,” she says. “Then people are like, ‘Bye!’ and you kind of get stunted, like, ‘Oh my God, she’s gone!’ And then another day, another day, another day… I think once it starts really wrapping up towards the summer, that’s when it’s going to start getting emotional.”

Of course, a goodbye to GoT is hardly a goodbye to Sophie. There are X-Men movies to look forward to (she plays Jean Grey, aka Phoenix), and in a few short months, Josie, a psychological thriller where a teen girl befriends a lonely older man.

“It’s intense,” Turner tells me, referring to the film in which she plays the title character. “It’s kind of got dark twists and turns to it, and it’s really interesting. That’s the job I first went blonde for and put tattoos all over myself. [And I have] a Southern accent.”

She also has plans to go behind the scenes.

“I would love to be a director in the future. My next movie that I’m doing, I’m producing as well. I’ve definitely caught the bug for behind-the-scenes and having that creative control. I’m excited to be something more than just an actress and to be able to make decisions on the character.”

Hearing about all the star has going on makes it official: It definitely isn’t all fun and games (get it?) for her. Turner’s got acting and producing and promoting (and possibly even a little wedding planning) to worry about. She just happens to have a great attitude—and hair!—to go along with it.

[CANDIDS] Sophie celebrating her 22nd birthday
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[CANDIDS] Sophie celebrating her 22nd birthday

On february 21, Sophie turned 22nd and she left at night to have fun with her friends. Check them out now!

Sophie Turner Feels Cooler When She’s Blonde
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Sophie Turner Feels Cooler When She’s Blonde

In our sit-down, Turner told how she feels about all those hair/plot clues Game of Thrones fans obsess over, what’s in her beauty bag, and the way co-star and real-life BFF Maisie Williams inspires her own beauty looks.

You just got back from the Maldives!
Yes, I did. It was amazing. It was so beautiful.

What beauty products do you pack on a beach trip?
You never want to put heat on your hair while you’re out in the sun. So, I just use FusionPlex, it’s a shampoo, conditioner, and a mask. It maintains your hair so that it doesn’t get frizzy from the salt in the sea or the sun. And I wear I no makeup! You’re in the sun all day, you get a natural tan.

How would you describe your overall beauty routine?
It’s pretty simple. For my face I moisturize with Dermalogica and then just slap on concealer and mascara, and hope for the best. I use a lot of Dior makeup. With my hair, I like Wella EIMI Perfect Me, which I spray on when I use heat. I don’t like to use too many products in my everyday life because I’m constantly having my hair chopped and changed for filming. It’s nice to leave it loose.

I heard you dye your hair red every week for Game of Thrones. Is that true?
I used to! Now I wear a wig, because I love my blonde too much. I started wearing a wig in season seven because I had dyed my hair blonde and it wasn’t the best experience, so we couldn’t really dye my hair back red.

Did you wear a wig to play Jean Grey, too?
I started using [hairstylist and global ambassador for Wella Professionals] Sonya [Dove], and I started using WellaPlex, so then my hair was actually healthy enough to dye it back red for the new X-Men. Then, I just craved going back blonde, because Sonya did such a good job. So, I was just like Game of Thrones, you’re going to have to wig me!

When Game of Thrones has its series finale will you do a crazy makeover to commemorate the occasion? Like when Emma Watson chopped her hair off after Harry Potter.
I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it, actually. I’m really happy blonde. I think I might chop it off a bit more, maybe do a Brigitte Bardot 1960s kind of bob. Maybe I will like go crazy and dye it multicolors or something! Except for Jean Grey, I’ll have to go back to red at some point.

How does red make you feel versus blonde?
Red, it’s a gorgeous color but I’ve always want to style it one way: classic, waves. I feel so comfortable being blonde and much more like a “cool girl.”

We are obsessed with your friendship with Maisie Williams. Do you guys exchange beauty tips or products?
We don’t really talk about beauty because we’re spending our days with our makeup off looking horrendous. But, I have so many hair products, so she does actually use a lot of my stuff. I let her have as many as she wants and she loves it. Maisie inspires me in different ways, though. She’s always been kind of creative and playful with her hairstyles. I remember when she was younger she made a bow out of her hair. It was the craziest thing. So, I’m always taking inspiration from her.

How would you compare how you and Maisie approach red carpet beauty?
It kind of changes with my hair color. When I was a redhead, I was always trying to go for like a classic Veronica Lake look with my hair and match it with the clothes. Maisie has always embraced the youth in her and been into bright colors and very experimental. Now that I’m back blonde I’m feeling a lot more experimental, but I can’t really pull off the “youth” thing very well because I definitely look about 10 years older than her.

Ever since you’ve said Sansa Stark’s hairstyles often reflect plot points, people go crazy analyzing your every strand. Do you ever see the reactions?
All the time! Oh my God. It’s so insane. Like, even the hairstylists and costume designers are like “wait, what?” because like the fans read into it so much. But, it’s amazing. That’s what we want, to ignite the fans’ curiosity. But, they pick up on the tiniest things. And Sansa’s hair does change. It’s always who she’s influenced by. She changes her hairstyle according to that.

In season seven Sansa wore her hair much looser and down instead of intricately braided and up. What do you think that is about?
For me, I felt that because season six had been so traumatizing, she felt very lost in herself and in her style. So, she just kind of like pulled two braids back and was very simple. The past couple of seasons, she’s been less inspired by anyone else and more creating her own style—which is something to say about her character.

After almost eight seasons on Game of Thrones, have you gotten amazing at braiding?
You would think! But, the [hairstylists] are the ones that do it. I wish I was good at it, but I’m not!

I also added a few pictures of this shoot for ELLE to our gallery, check them out below!